Ripley Rader featured in Forbes Magazine

Written by Ripley Rader


Posted on January 27 2020

We're thrilled to share Ripley's interview with Forbes. 

Here's a little sneak peek:
"Devoted to making her business more than an apparel company, Rader’s mantra is to leave the world better and continue reminding women that they are gorgeous. That is what constantly drives her. “When you are a fashion designer and work with women in clothing every day, you can't have a fashion brand without discussing the crisis of confidence in women,” explains Rader. “I discovered that the issues women have at 14 are similar to what they're dealing with at 40.”
Rader is determined to address these issues from an early age and help change the conversation surrounding women and their bodies. “It seems to me that it's socially acceptable for women to say, ‘I look fat in this,’” she says. “But it's not socially acceptable for women to put on an outfit and say, ‘I look amazing.’ So often we do look amazing, but there's this idea that you can't be confident and humble at the same time."

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