Ripley Rader Jumpsuit Edit

Written by Ripley Rader


Posted on January 27 2020

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Jumpsuit

The story of our jumpsuit is the story of our company.  I've always loved jumpsuits; I've always made my own and I was wearing a homemade jumpsuit when a buyer from Fred Segal came up to me and offered to sell them.  In a store. Actually, not just a store but the queen bee of all stores.  It launched us and for 2 years we only made jumpsuits: classic, long sleeve, and halter.  Even with 62 looks a season, they still lead in sales and wearability. 

When in doubt I always throw on a jumpsuit and it never fails to be the most perfect party/travel/wedding/lounging look I have.  It looks good on every body, every shape, every size.  It's truly the sisterhood of the traveling jumpsuit.