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Camp Rocky Road


“It’s time we shift how women speak, and thereby feel, about themselves.  As a fashion designer, I’m up close and personal with women on a daily basis; and with them, their feelings of self-worth and confidence.  Witnessing this complex relationship is what has driven me as a designer.  I’m passionate about making clothes for women that allow them to stand out-- feel strong, full of themselves, and ridiculously confident.

It’s my mission to start cultivating these qualities from an early age in young women. I want to be part of creating a generation of young women with unapologetic self-esteem. I’ve seen it work with clothes, but now we must begin from the inside.

Camp Rocky Road is a week spent with incredible female entrepreneurs, trailblazers, and visionaries. Being a female founder with relationships inthe fashion world and beyond, I’m constantly connecting with women who are changing the world through their work. We will spend a week digging in with these pioneering women-- using workshops to challenge, inspire, and create an actionable game plan for entering high school with a solid toolbox for success.”      

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