THE MISSION: The mission of Camp Rocky Road is to inspire, challenge, and celebrate young women through a commitment to building resilience, self-esteem and leadership skills that will last a lifetime. 

THE CAMP: Camp Rocky Road is a summer leadership camp for rising 9th grade girls from all walks of life. It's a 5-night sleep-away camp filled with classes, workshops, and hands-on experiences to create actionable steps for finding one's own path, staying true to oneself, and cultivating unwavering confidence. With female guest contributors from a range of different backgrounds, we'll hear from executives, creatives, & entrepreneurs on the various secrets to their success. The goal of Camp RR is to open the eyes of young women to their infinite potential and to ignite excitement for the possibilities that lie ahead.  

THE FOUNDER: Recently featured in Forbes, the founder and CEO of her eponymous fashion label.  Ripley is passionate about design, entrepreneurship and fostering leadership skills in young women. She teaches design to at-risk teen girls and leads mentorship workshops in character education for girls. "Fueled by my passion to address what I call the "crisis of confidence" in women, I founded the non-profit, Camp Rocky Road: a summer leadership camp for teen girls and an ever-growing online community with a mission to inspire, challenge, and celebrate young women. As a fashion designer, I’m up close and personal with women on a daily basis—and with them, their complicated feelings about self-worth and confidence. I’ve found that the issues they have at 40 are the same issues they struggled with at 14. It’s my mission to give girls the tools they need to fight back against societal pressures and false notions of what it means to be beautiful and popular and to create a generation of young women with unapologetic, grounded self-esteem.