We can see it in our best friends, daughters, aunts, co-workers, so easily-- who wouldn't want to be you?? We are strong, we are courageous, we are warriors. So why can it be so hard to see this in ourselves?

This shirt is here to mix things up. To change the way we talk about ourselves. To shift the paradigm. To see ourselves the way our BFFs see us. To model differently for our daughters,  for our future. To embrace that it's ok to recognize we look great. To give ourselves permission to speak positively about ourselves and our bodies. Because really, let's face it. Who wouldn't want to be you?

10% of all profits go to CAMP ROCKY ROAD, a summer camp for rising 9th grade girls.


A Camp to Inspire, Challenge and Celebrate Young Women.

Camp Rocky Road (501-c3), passion project created by Ripley Rader; a fashion designer, teen mentor, and CEO. Ripley has spent years working closely with at-risk teen girls teaching character building, leadership and style workshops. 

A 5-day, 4-night sleep-away camp for 15 lucky rising 9th grade young women who are becoming leaders in their own lives. A week filled with classes, workshops, round table conversations, hands on experiences, real life conversation to create actionable steps for finding their own path, staying true to oneself, and cultivating unwavering confidence-- all while living an all-girl vacation of their dreams!

With female guest contributors from a range of different backgrounds, we’ll hear from business executives, creatives, entrepreneurs and artists-all sharing their secrets of success.  The goal of Camp RR is to open the eyes of young women to their infinite potential and ignite excitement for the possibilities that lie ahead. We aim to foster the curiosity and confidence to pursue their dearest and most fulfilling dreams.



“It’s time we shift how women speak, and thereby feel, about themselves.  As a fashion designer, I’m up close and personal with women on a daily basis; and with them, their feelings of self-worth and confidence.  Witnessing this complex relationship is what has driven me as a designer.  I’m passionate about making clothes for women that allow them to stand out-- feel strong, full of themselves, and ridiculously confident.

It’s my mission to start cultivating these qualities from an early age in young women. I want to be part of creating a generation of young women with unapologetic self-esteem. I’ve seen it work with clothes, but now we must begin from the inside.

Camp Rocky Road is a week spent with incredible female entrepreneurs, trailblazers, and visionaries. Being a female founder with relationships in the fashion world and beyond, I’m constantly connecting with women who are changing the world through their work. We will spend a week digging in with these pioneering women-- using workshops to challenge, inspire, and create an actionable game plan for entering high school with a solid toolbox for success.”      

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