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The Ripley Rader jumpsuit was the piece that started it all! Ripley Rader has designed the perfect black jumpsuit that you can dress up or dress down for any event. Because this was Ripley’s first piece in the RR collection, her attention to design, color, fit, and ease shines through. Although the style of the brand has expanded and more pieces have joined the collection, this piece still holds up to its original name as the classic jumpsuit as it may never go out of style.


The Perfect Black Jumpsuit 

At Ripley Rader, we offer many options to address all the needs of a modern woman. Think of a wedding or a business meeting; you’re going to need a formal jumpsuit, backless halter, or a fancy long sleeve jumpsuit. On the other hand, if you want something for every day, you’re going to gravitate to the sporty jogger jumpsuit. You can pair your jumpsuit with heels and add accessories to dress it up or style with a cute set of sneakers or flat shoes to dress it down, there’s no one way to style these jumpsuits. Never feel under or overdressed in this piece! All jumpsuits come with an adjustable drape so you can choose how modest or bold you want to be on any given night. The silhouette is simple, but classy and can make for a casual or formal outfit. 

Our black jumpsuits are made with buttery microfiber fabric that keeps you comfortable and fashionable. The laser-cut hems and deep pockets add to the comfort without taking away any of it’s chic. They’re draped, effortless, and perfect for day-to-night wear. With this effortless design, you won’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. 

Ripley Rader is dedicated to making all women feel fabulous in their clothes. This is reflected in the brand’s inclusive sizing (including sizes: XS-3X) and the motto “Who wouldn’t want to be you?” 

Ripley Rader is an LA-based brand and all of our pieces are sourced and manufactured in Los Angeles with the best quality fabric available to us. We are an ethical clothing company and all of our factories are located in Los Angeles. Ripley Rader shakes the hand of every person who touches our clothes ensuring a positive work environment so you can feel good while you shop. 

Every Ripley Rader order qualifies for free shipping and delivery inside the United States.  

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