Imagine an army

of women not afraid

to take up space.

Conscious Fashion.
Making you feel as good as you look.

At Ripley Rader, we believe fashion can be chic, comfortable and ethically made. A modern pioneer of the jumpsuit and RR Iconic wide leg pant, Ripley Rader has been featured in Forbes, Vogue, In Style, and has garnered a dedicated following of tastemakers and celebrities, including Amy Schumer, Gigi Hadid, Felicity Huffman, and Kate Upton. We are dedicated to making all women feel fabulous as reflected in our inclusive sizing. Ripley Rader is proudly made in Los Angeles.

Our Founder

Ripley Rader started sewing at age 10 with her grandmother. By age 15 she was designing, sewing, and selling clothes to her high school classmates - everything from tops to prom dresses.

Sewing was always a joy, not the main focus of her life as she was a professional dancer and singer from the age of 9. She attended NYU for musical theatre, performing in NYC and regional theaters She toured the country with the Broadway show, "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". It was only after moving to LA that her passion for designing and sewing took a front seat. She attended a concert wearing a piece she designed (the classic jumpsuit), got scouted by a buyer from Fred Segal, and Ripley Rader (the brand) was born.

Ripley now sings and dances for fun, mentors teen girls, and lives in her design studio in Hollywood with her husband, Ben {CFO of Ripley Rader} and her sweet pup, Friday.

Our Culture

At Ripley Rader we have one mantra: FIERCE JOY. We are proudly founded and run by women. We are out to highlight and celebrate the female experience in all phases of our lives.

Our Commitment

We source the highest quality fabrics we can find to make clothing that will last year after year. Putting money back into our local economy is one of our core values. Ripley shakes the hand of every single person who sews our clothing. Our dedication to sustainability is reflected in our local factories.

Our Investment

We believe investing in and amplifying the voices of young women is the best way to continue the Ripley Rader legacy.

Younger but Wiser is a podcast that celebrated the wisdom of teen girls and how we as adults might be able to learn a thing or two from them. Ripley talks to the girls about everything from perfectionism and failure to radical self acceptance. The podcast dives into what these young women are nervous about losing as they get older, the superpowers they have, and what they already deeply understand about themselves and the world around them. These young women embody the wisdom that we’ve all had from the beginning.


Camp Rocky Road is a summer camp, workshop series and online community built to inspire, challenge and celebrate young women through a commitment to building self resilience, self esteem and leadership skills that will last a lifetime.

“Fueled by my passion to address what I can the ‘crisis of confidence’ in women, I founded Camp Rocky Road. As a fashion designer, I’m up close and personal with women on a daily basis- and with them, their complicated feelings about self- worth and confidence. I’ve found that the issues they have at 40 are the same issues they struggled with at 14.

It’s my mission to give the tools they need to fight back against societal pressures and false notions of what it means to be beautiful and popular and to create a generation of young women with unapologetic, grounded self- esteem,” founder Ripley Rader.

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